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These are the Top Car Startups You Should Follow

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Although there are some companies that are growing in the automotive industry, only a few standout. These include Rimac. Momenta. Perceptive Automata. And Carge. The above mentioned companies are known for their innovation but there are other worthwhile options. Continue reading to find out which startups are worth following. You might be surprised to discover that you could join their ranks in time!


James Scaringe, a graduate from MIT in 2009, started Rivian Automobile. The recent bankruptcy of General Motors & Chrysler inspired him. He wanted to create a company that would lead the automotive market decades into the future. He is not the founder of an electric-car company. However, MIT helped him overcome many of his startup challenges. The company hopes to capitalize on recent technological advances to accelerate the arrival and development of trends.

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Momenta Investments of China, in the midst an economic downturn worldwide, invests heavily in the future development of driving. Daimler and major carmakers have provided funding of $200 million to the company. Momenta's business model relies on the exploitation of revenue-generating businesses in order to fund research. Software-based self -driving robotaxis from Momenta could monitor driver behavior and alert them when they lose focus.

Perceptive Automata

Autonomous car startups are competing for the showroom spotlight, but one startup stands out above the rest: Perceptive Automata. This startup is creating software to assist cars in understanding people and their intentions. The startup's software can be dropped into existing autonomous car stacks, and it views itself as an additional sensor that combines with other hardware sensors to make rapid judgments. This could help cars understand human intentions and predict what the next step in a journey will be.


Carge is a great company to work with if you are looking for a car startup. This Greek startup uses the smartcar platform for unifying thousands of public charging points across Europe. Its proprietary algorithms will predict the best times for EVs and chargers to charge. It has over 180,000 charging points across 16 countries. It's a fantastic platform for both EV drivers and companies, and it's already one of the best in Europe.


Rolf Monteiro resigned as CEO of BeliMobilGue's joint venture in July. He also resigned mid-March from its board. Although TiinTiin’s CEO refused to reveal specific performance figures for the company, he did say that TiinTiin had seen an increase in sales over the past year. His company has seen rapid growth and is poised to continue that trend.

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Atlis hasn't backed away from its late 2021 arrival date, but it's not far off. Although the final production price for the car is expected to be close to $45,000 by Atlis' executives, it could take up to three years to achieve that amount. The company has launched a crowdfunding campaign in January to build the first 100 pickups, with the goal of delivering all of them to early backers by 2026. It's difficult to judge startup startups based on their prototypes. However, Atlis has no plans to outsource, building motors in-house, and filing "dozens” of patent applications related its charging technology.

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These are the Top Car Startups You Should Follow