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Apple CEO Steve Jobs's death is ironic end to an ironic career

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Apple CEO Steve Jobs, 56, died on September 11. Pancreatic cancer was the cause. Jobs was fighting the cancer for at minimum six years. He underwent a liver transplant in 2009. The company had just announced the iPhone 4S when Jobs' death occurred. We have compiled a short article on Jobs' career and life as well his relationship with Chrisann Brennan. Here are some of Jobs' most devastating quotes, and what they can mean for us today.

Careers in Jobs

Steve Jobs' legacy extends across decades. Steve Jobs was Apple's chief executive officer and pioneered the era of MP3 music players. His inventions spanned many industries. He even created several successful companies. Apple was a pioneering force in many fields including computers, smartphones and the iPod. Steve Jobs' passing is ironic. It marks the end to a life that was full of innovation, hard work, and creativity.

His health

Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced that he was currently on medical leave for cancer. In 2008, he underwent a liver transplant and was taking a six-month leave from work. He had also been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2004. This rare form can lead to hormone imbalances. Jobs' condition worsened after the surgery.

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His relationship with Chrisann Brennan

In addition to being his high school sweetheart, Steve Jobs' relationship with Chrisann Brennans was also rocky. According to Kottke, Brennan felt bullied and treated as a second-class citizen in his household. The couple worked out their differences and eventually started seeing each other more often. Brennan even wrote an article about their relationship in Rolling Stone magazine. But their relationship was not without its difficulties. It ended happily.

His final words

Steve Jobs' final words did not warn of the selfish pursuit of wealth in his passing. However, the rumor spread like wildfire on unofficial social media accounts and low-traffic blogs, and was never confirmed by anyone close to the late tech mogul. This fake essay circulates today on the Internet. It implies that Jobs did indeed use these words for warnings. This article explains why it is difficult to know the exact meaning of Jobs' last words.

His legacy

Steve Jobs' greatest legacy was his commitment to delighting people. Whether he invented or created the iPad, Jobs was driven to please consumers. It is this commitment that defined Apple's approach to introducing new products. Now, with the death of Jobs, his legacy will be written differently than it was when he was alive. Here are some Jobs' most memorable achievements.

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Apple CEO Steve Jobs's death is ironic end to an ironic career